Practice smartly to acquire a language

Improve listening comprehension with different native speaker speeds and personalities
Find your best way to acquire grammar and sentence patterns for speaking
Master remembering vocabulary for different contexts

Break through your learning challenges!

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Why trust us?

We want you to feel part of a culture and new communities. Trust us because we tackled what is difficult, and we learned from language researchers and top polyglots, people who learned from scratch to fluency in more than 5 languages. And, it works.

Can't recall vocabulary and grammar fast enough?

Overcome 5 challenges to feel confident:

  1. I don't spend enough time listening.
  2. I listen a lot but it doesn't help much.
  3. I thought immersion would work.
  4. I know vocabulary but still struggle.
  5. I don't get enough repetition in classes or with a tutor.

Boost your progress in language conversation exchanges

Audio Language Learning

With hundreds of audio by native speakers, you adapt to different speeds, tones, and personalities.

Comprehensible Listening

Easily tap and translate what you're listening to acquire vocabulary and grammar rules more naturally.

Phrasal Word Relationships

Tap on words to go beyond single words translations to phrasal word relationships to think like a native.

Set Goals to Make Progress

Set your your own goals for the number of sentences and words you want know.

Personalized Dictionary

Create your own dictionary from words you tapped on to practice and explore later.

Learn Differences in Meaning Due to Context

Discover how a word means something else in a different context.

Break Through 5 Challenges
With 3 Secret Strategies

3 Critical Things You May Not Realize

1. Difference between learning a language and acquiring it

2. 6 principles of smart practice

3. Easy ways to practice thinking like a native

Our promise or guarantee

We promise that if you commit the time to the 3 secret strategies, you'll improve. It's a lot simpler than you think. Listen. Tap. Translate. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. And pat yourself on the back!


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